February 13, 2015

Bootcamp your Apple Mac

Windows 7 Bootcamp

More and more people are changing from Windows computers to Apples’ Macintosh computers.

The main question’s we get asked are:

“I want a Mac but I’d have to learn everything again”
“I used to be able to run this in Windows, but I can’t on my Mac, what can I do?”

There is a nice simple solution to this in the guise of Bootcamp.

In a nutshell, you add Windows to your Apple Computer, and choose what to load into.

The other option is using a Virtual Machine program like Parallels (which retails for about £65 a license).

Although this does allow you to install a virtual version of Windows, you will still need to have a licensed copy of  he operating system (Windows 7 retails for around £75 currently).  It also uses a portion of your computer resources to run the virtual Windows, reducing the overall power of both your Mac OSX and Windows.


The main benefits for Bootcamp are that you don’t need to pay for a third party program like Parallels and your resources aren’t “Virtually” cut in half.  It boots directly into Windows and looks and acts exactly the same as the Windows your used to… because its exactly that.

You can load back into OSX anytime you like and access all your files from Windows and OSX without any major issues.

We can do your Bootcamp installation, including Windows Updates, fully licensed genuine windows 7 64Bit, security software and office software for just