April 2, 2015

EE is giving away a free Power Bar


EE is giving away a free Power Bar portable phone charger to all of its customers.

EE appears to be taking the lead when it comes to poor power consumption on smart phones.   In the up and coming weeks, EE will be releasing a promotion to all Mobile and Broadband customers.  Subscribers to their pay monthly and PAYG plans, will receive a free Power Bar, essentially a 2600mAh battery that offers one complete charge to a typical smart phone.  It has an LED indicator to inform you of how much charge is left on it, and double us as a handy LED torch.

You can charge these up yourself, just as you would your phone, or you can swap them over at any EE branch store for a fully charged one absolutely free!

To claim your free power bar, customers will need to text the word POWER to 365 (when the promotion launches).  They will then be sent a promotional code that they will need to redeem at any EE store.

Power to the people!