February 7, 2015

Laptop Battery Life Tips


Extend the life of your laptop battery.

So many customers ask us about their laptop batteries and why they stop charging, the simple fact is, like everything, they decline with age and usage.

We used to tell customers to treat your laptops like a mobile phone, allow them to charge, unplug them until you need to charge them again.  This used to be the case and it would extend the life of your battery.  Now however, with modern laptops, this isn’t true (due to new technologies) as they can self manage themselves a lot more.

Tips for making your charge last longer

  • Firstly, check your power settings, when you running on battery power you really want them on “Power Saving” and not “High Performance”.  You can find you power settings by right clicking on your battery icon.
  • Turn your brightness down, the less bright your screen, the less power is needed to keep it turned on
  • Disable your WiFi and Bluetooth.  If you don’t need them, they’re a huge power drain and you’ll really notice the difference without them.
  • Don’t leave disk’s in your optical drive, these again draw a lot of power when they spin up or the head is seeking data.
  • Take the manufacturers claims with a pinch of salt, these are normally quoting times under test with optimal conditions, sometimes they can be hours off!

One day you will need to replace your battery, don’t be tempted to go for cheap imports, sometimes these don’t even carry the British Safety Kite Mark, and can over heat and damage your laptop or more importantly yourself.  Genuine batteries cost between £35 and £100 depending on the model of your laptop.

What to do with your old battery?

Don’t just bin them! we offer a free battery recycling service working in conjunction with ERP UK.  Just bring your battery to us and pop it in the recycling bin