May 7, 2015

Let Microsoft Guess Your Age!

Will they boost your ego or flatten it?

Last week Microsoft launched a new experimental website that’s fast becoming an internet hit! analyses data from any image of a face you uploads (without storing the image) and using its experimental algorythims, tried to extrapalate your age and gender.

According to Microsoft’s Machine Learning blog, the project started as a simple experiment among Microsoft engineers. They were “playing around” with new face detection software and decided to ask a couple hundred people to try it out and tell them what they thought. Within hours, the experiment had reached 30,000 people curious about whether a simple website could accurately read their face.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 09.45.33

We’ll i’ve always been told I have a baby face! thanks microsoft to shaving 13 years off me *thumbs up*

Give it a try yourself and let us know your results.