February 17, 2015

Password Best Practice


A password for this, a password for that, the list seems never ending.

We have them for everything from social media, online banking, on our smartphones, email, the list goes on and on.

In the world we live in today passwords are a necessity,  you need to think of  them as a lock and key of the virtual world.  You wouldn’t give the world access to your belongings, and without a password this is what you would be doing.

Passwords are required to protect your privacy in the workplace and at home, so choosing the right combination is very important as without a strong password the consequences can be catastrophic .

Here area few tips on passwords:

  • Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Never disclose your password to anybody, not even relatives or friends.
  • Ignore internet browsers invitation to save your login details/password if your computer security is compromised so is your password.
  • Only trust websites with a gold lock sign at the bottom when paying online.
  • Pick passwords that are easy for you to remember, so that you wont have to write down.
  • Don’t use simple easy passwords like words out of a dictionary, even if substituting letters with numbers and symbols, avoid pet names, names of your children, partners names or dates of birth.
  • Don’t use lists like 12345 or abc, abc123 password, qwert to name a few common passwords.  If you type in your search provider “common passwords” you can get hints and tips on what not to use.
  • Do use  long combinations using lowercase, caps and numbers.
  • Don’t use the same passwords on any other websites keep them unique to that website if you forget the password they can be reset easily.
  • Think of a sentence that is memorable to you alone and  use random signs numbers and letters to mix it up!

We understand they can be hard to remember and not everyone will follow all the best practices.  Even just following most of these will make you more secure than a vast majority of people out there.

We will be doing a run down on password keeper software soon, are they safe or reliable? we’ll let you know.

In the mean time try to stay safe and secure.