February 11, 2015

Secure Your Smart Phone

Lock Down Your Phone

How to Lock down your Smart phone before it goes missing.

I can remember that sinking feeling now, reaching for my phone only to realise its not there where it should be!

I just felt that hollow feeling at the bottom of my stomach as I tracked back my thoughts to where it could be, reaching the inevitable conclusion that someone has taken it.

Luckily for me, I had locked my phone down before this happened, so I jumped online, found my phone and remote wiped it.  I called my phone provider, they blocked the phone, now all the thieves were left with was a pretty useless brick.

Don’t wait until after your phone goes missing, a few minutes will save you hours of regret!

Lock your Phone – You wouldn’t believe how many people forget this most obvious of tips:

  • Apple – Settings>Passcode
  • Android – Settings>Security>Screen Lock

Turn on Find My iPhone or Android Device Manager – both of these enable you to remotely wipe your phone, lock them remotely and even set off their ringers (handy if you have left your phone somewhere silly).

  • Apple – Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone>Enable (afterwards go onto a laptop or desktop web browser, and sign into iCloud with your Apple account to make sure you phone is shown)
  • Android – Open your browser on your device and sign into Google with the same ID as you have used to set up your phone, then go to the Android Device Manager Page.  You should be asked to send a notification to your phone, tap the notification when you receive it, accept it to grant permission to track your device.

Block access to Control Centre (Apple only) – iPhones running iOS 7 and above have a handy Control Centre, which is only an upwards swipe from the bottom of the device.  It brings up lots of handy tools that not only makes life easy for you, but any would be thieves too.  It can put your device into Aeroplane Mode without needing a lock code, rendering find my iPhone useless.

  • Settings>Control Centre>Access Lock Screen – turn it off

Encrypt your data (Android Only) – Any Android devices running their newest operating system (lollipop) you data is already encrypted by default.  Older models (even if you have upgraded to Lollipop) are not however, but this can be resolved fairly painlessly.

  • Settings>Security>Encrypt Phone

Caution when you do this, it may take a few hours if you have lots on there and if it is disrupted before it finishes you may loose data