February 9, 2015

Slow Computer? SSD!

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Simply the best upgrade you can do!

As computer components have become faster and faster (bigger and faster RAM, Processors and Chipsets) a giant bottleneck is left on your modern computers. Everything is slowed down by the speed of data transfer to your Hard Drive.

Yes it’s true that Hard Drives (HDD) have gotten a lot faster, however as these are made from a physical disk (called a platter) where the data is physically written, they are causing the largest slowdown on your system.

Enter the Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drives have no moving parts, all the data is written to the memory on these drives.  Due to the way they write their data, the speed increase is almost unbelievable (Windows 7 loads in about 4 seconds).

  • Boot times will be significantly faster.
  • Applications (programs) will open almost instantaneously.
  • Saving and opening documents super fast.
  • File copying will improve.
  • You system will have a new lease of life, the whole computer will run faster.

Its not all roses though, they do have 2 major down sides.

The price per gigabyte is a lot higher, over time this has fallen dramatically and will continue to do so, however you will pay more for your storage than you would with your old HDD.

The life span of SSD’s is lower then that of HDD’s, A properly installed and maintained SSD will last around 5 years or so, less if its not set up correctly and a few rules are followed (like never de-fragmenting your SSD).  While well looked after HDD’s can last twice that and more.

We personally believe the trade off is well worth it!

We recommend Samsung Solid State Drives, which come with some very nice optimising software to monitor your drive.

We do a full SSD install and clone of your data on a 120Gb drive for £100, please ask for more details if your looking for a larger size.