January 29, 2015

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7




More and more customers are being forced to upgrade from the now defunct Windows XP, or Windows Vista, to the very usable and straightforward Windows 7, most are avoiding windows 8 like the plague (mostly due to how much it has changed with the integration of the metro interface, with its tiles, or the lack of a start button and hidden options).

The main hurdle with the upgrade is the hardware needed to run Windows 7, although it can be installed on a low spec system:

1Ghz Processor

This is the bare minimum, and running like this would be slow, sluggish and unresponsive.  Instead we recommend the minimum of:

Dual core processor

If your computer does not reach this, all is not lost!  There is a lot of upgrade potential in older systems, where we can use some of your old parts to beef up your machine.

We are also doing a special offer at the moment where we can do the whole software upgrade for just £75!  That includes a fully licenses and genuine activated copy of Windows 7 with all the hardware drivers, windows updates, office software and security software installed.

We are also offering a free upgrade report on your current system, showing how best to upgrade your system.